(2023-08-12) - Breaking The Silence

We are finally breaking silence to update you on whats been happening at Feral Computing.

We have spent last 2 years working closely with other studios and providing our development services to generate funds for the continuous development of Skyland of Arnythos.

Work has never stopped, but progress has been going at snail pace. Majority of our resources are being dedicated to our client projects.

We will be posting videos and content from our client projects once they are public, as currently we are working under NDA and have an embargo on any information related.

Stay Tuned !

(2019-01-16) - New Year - New Video

While you wait for our trailer release, here is something to keep you guys excited:

(2019-01-13) - Work Continues

After a lenthy break, and a period of slow development as we have focused on working with other clients. We now are continuing working on our inhouse project Skyland of Arnythos! Stay tuned for more updates. Feral Computing Team

(2017-07-23) - Demo Release and Testing


We have started to do alpha testing of the game, and selected few have been sent a copy for early (extremely early) evaluation.
If all goes well, Demo will be publicly released 2019.

Stay tuned and for more news go to Our Facebook Page

(2017-07-08) - Demo Teaser Preview

(2017-03-22) - Demo Asset Preview (Light Plate Armour)

Here we have another armour set, this time its New Age Light Armour which is a combination of leather armour which is reinforced with metal plates

enjoy guys, feel free to comment on our facebook page, http://www.fb.com/skylandofarnythos/

(2017-03-22) - Demo Asset Preview (Riptide 1h sword)

check out another demo asset! This is a rare 1 handed sword named Riptide

Enjoy, there is lot more to come!

(2017-03-21) - Demo Asset Preview (Heavy Plate Armour)

Work in progress, heavy plate armour

Enjoy, there are many more to come !

(2017-03-16) - Demo Asset Preview

Stay tuned for more models like this and many others !

(2017-01-05) - (2016-01-29) - Dev Blog - Battlefield Report 4

Its been a while since we had an update here on the site. Currently we are progressing very well, we have majority of the core systems of the game finished, and at this stage we are polishing them and moving onto creating actual game content, AI is fairly stupid, but provides enough challenge to demo the combat. UI is getting done slowly, Inventory Graphics has been overhauled. Right now, we need to finish up the main menu (we need to add in "options") and then we begining work on a playable demo content! Stay tuned guys ! exciting stuff coming up!

(2016-09-23) - (2016-09-23) - Dev Blog - Battlefield Report 3

Unofficially this is about 15th update since last new post on the 29th of Jan, We finally have the website moved to our new server. Regarding Skyland of Arnythos: -Ranged combat ! -Grimoire UI is finally at finishing stages, you can now setup your action grimoire and fill it with spells from your spellbook for ability to access them quickly in combat. -we now have a 3D artist on the team, so we can finaly start creating content such as weapons, and armours -a new custom character rig that supports loose clothing (so armor pieces can have physics as well) -various bug fixes - stay tuned for more news ! Sarr

(2016-01-29) - Dev Blog - Battlefield Report 2

New rig!Last week was my first week where I could finally get back to work with a new development rig that I built. The process was not without problems as I had to deal with a bent CPU pin and BIOS update issues with the motherboard. After all of that dealt with (I fixed the bent CPU pin using a credit card and a needle in case you're curious) I could finally get back to working on SoA and transferring the particle effects and shaders that I had made previously on my old computer. Now back with the SoA project in hand I can integrate my work directly in the game and finely tune everything the way I want it.Playing with electricity!You can see the result of the first implementation for the chain lightning spell in the last video I posted here. The cool thing about this effect is that it demonstrates how much can be done by combining blueprints and Cascade together. For example, I am attaching the Source and Target of a beam emitter to 2 basic actors, I am and then bouncing these 2 actors wherever I want them on the skeleton of the mesh. The end result is that I can decide that at the beginning of the cast of a chain lightning spell, the electricity beam will start between the left and right hand of the player, and towards the end of the cast it will bounce all over the pawn, making it feel like the character is really powering up. Note that the casting animation itself is very much a work in progress.

Up next This week for me is going to be re-working the particle effect that appears on the hands to make it feel more electric, right now it feels too much like some kind of effect that would be used for a frost spell. I've been exploring other games for ideas such as this RPG called Arcania that has a lot of interesting spell effects that I would like to emulate. Beyond that I'd like to revamp our Fireball as well.

(2016-01-29) - Dev Blog - Battlefield Report 1

Right now, we are still dealing with core systems:Combat System -> added hit events (previously the system would calculate damage, and reduce the targets health by the damage dealt, but there was no event to inform the character that they been hit) currently used to display damage dealt and to trigger "hit reaction" animations. they will be used to display combat and status texts and things like, cancel attacks, cancel combos etc.Also planned work to add ranged weapon support to the Combat System, and also currently there is a bug where a spell can collide with the casters equipment.AI and Dialogue -> Our NPCs can now talk to the player! we using behavioral trees for AI and dialog separately, so right now, we have one giant tree for AI behavior, and every NPC has a separate dialog tree.still a lot of work needs to be done in this (quests for example, or trading) but right now, NPCs do have simple AI logic, which allows them to talk and also allows them to cast spells, attack, block, move etc.

We have moved demo release and crowdfunding campaign to mid March.Stay tuned and see you next week!

(2015-11-30) - Demo and Crowdfunding Campaign Announcement

We at Feral Computing are proud to announce the upcoming "Skyland of Arnythos" Demo and crowd funding campaign.The demo will focus on an arena to showcase a vertical sliceof the game by introducing some of the core gameplay.The release of the demo is planned for the end of 2015/early 2016.Following the release of the demo, the crowd funding campaign will be launched to fund the production of a prequel to the main game.This prequel will have the players experience the tale of an apprenticed void mage; exploring the world as well as it's mythos.Stay tuned for more news!

(2015-07-01) - New Website

Welcome to Feral Computing,

This website is currently under construction, please come back later!