Game Programmer
Skype: Sarr_50 | Steam : sarr50

My name is Adam, and I'm the Lead Programmer at Feral Computing.

With over 7 years of working experience utilizing Unreal Engine 4

Studied Software Engineering for 4 years at Staffordshire University

QA Tester for GBTN for over 7 years

CV : Link
Unreal Marketplace : Feral Computing

Currently Available to Work Remotely!

Strongest Skills:

  • Prototyping

  • Gameplay Programming

    • AI

    • Combat Systems

    • Cover Systems

    • Character Progression

    • Construction & Crafting

    • Quest Systems

    • Physics Systems

    • Animation Systems

    • UI, HUD and Menus

    • Multiplayer Implementation

    • ...and many more!


  • Level Design

  • 3D Modelling and Texturing

  • Game Design

  • SQL (Databases)

  • Python scripting

Software Skills:

  • Adobe Fuse

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Unreal Engine 4

    • Blueprints and C++

  • Substance Painter

  • Photoshop

  • Source Control (Git, Perforce, SVN)

Cube based game similar to game such as minecraft, developed as a showcase piece for a job I was applying to and got.
Source code is freely available on github.
Source Code (Github):

For a Client project, I was required to create a cube world editor.

For this piece of work, my task was to:

Create Multiplayer capable Artificial Intelligence
The AI should be able to use weapons, crouch down, capture objectives etc. just like player can.
The AI should respond to enemy behavior.

This is one of sets of Armour(I did not create the base mesh, only modified it) that I have textured and rigged for Skyland of Arnythos
Texturing was done in Substance Painter
Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Client Project. My task was to design and implement a character creation screen (inc. logic, visuals, and UI)

Skyland of Arnythos is my own personal project (Currently in Alpha Phase, Pre-Alpha Demo Available on Request)
Skyland of Anythos demo release is scheduled for 2019.


My task was to:

create a generic cover system, that could use objects within the map for the player character to take cover behind.

One of the assets I have modeled and textured for Skyland of Arnythos

My task was to create a System that would adjust position of feet at run-time to better align with the surface below.

Task was to develop a playable demo.

For Skyland of Arnythos I created a Main Menu with Character Selection.

For my personal project, I have been trying to develop a Generic AI Controller that could handle NPC tasks

One of the assets I have modeled and textured for Skyland of Arnythos